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Computer Repair &  Maintenance

Rootkit Removal

A rootkit is a stealthy type of malicious software (malware) designed to hide the existence of certain processes or programs from normal methods of detection and enables continued privileged access to a computer.

Your Rootkit Revealer

At Unitech Micro Systems, we know how dangerous rootkits can be and the damage they can do. We take them very seriously, and our Professional Engineers are the expert in removing this. When you contact us, you know you're getting someone who can track down even the most elusive rootkit.

Everything we do at Unitech Micro Systems to fix your computer problem happens over your broadband Internet connection. This means that you won’t have to disconnect your computer and drag it out to a service center. Just contact us and we’ll immediately get to work on finding and fixing the following:

  • Rootkits
  • Computer viruses
  • Trojans
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Keyloggers
  • Worms
  • Software and app installation
  • Operating system issues (e.g., Windows® 7, Windows® Vista, Windows® XP)
  • Disk recovery
  • System restore
  • System start-up problems
  • System memory problems
  • Advanced laptop and desktop repair

Let remove virus from your PC

Step 01

Make an Appointment

Step 02

Receive The Device

Step 03

Repair Process

Step 04

Handover The Device

How much will it cost?

The cost to remove an infection is greatly going to depend on the infection(s) and the
damage that has been done.

  • Repair


  • Memory Resident Virus $22 + Antivirus
  • Overwriting Virus $36 + Antivirus
  • Direct Action Virus $15 + Antivirus
  • Boot Sector Virus $49 + Antivirus
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