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Computer Repair &  Maintenance

Firewall Security

Take the headache out of maintaining your crucial first line of defence against malicious threats with our managed firewalls

Are you confident that you can protect your company's data and applications against constantly evolving security threats? Firewalls are a key part of the security infrastructure, but managing multiple firewalls across many sites can be a drain on your resources. Our managed firewalls take this complex management out of your hands, delivering lower start-up and operating costs and better scalability.

Our solutions: single to multi-tiered firewalls

To meet your specific security requirements, we provide independent design expertise and a number of different technology options. Our tailored managed firewall services range from entry-level firewalls through to highly available firewalls pairs that can be deployed in a multi-tiered configuration for business critical infrastructure.

All of our managed firewalls also support a range of virtual private network (VPN) functionality including client, site-to-site and SSL.

Key benefits of our managed firewalls

Maximum uptime: we monitor the service 24x7 and offer full hardware support to ensure maximum uptime and availability;

Up-to-date protection: we update and upgrade the firewall platforms automatically to provide effective protection against new vulnerabilities;

Optimised performance: we optimise the performance and security of the managed firewall at all times with regular policy reviews and recommendations;

Overhead-free remote access: by integrating the VPN service with our managed firewall you can enjoy secure remote access with no additional administrative overhead;

Multi-layered security: our managed firewalls support multi-layered security by allowing you to add application-level security and intrusion prevention.

Let remove virus from your PC

Step 01

Make an Appointment

Step 02

Receive The Device

Step 03

Repair Process

Step 04

Handover The Device

How much will it cost?

The cost to remove an infection is greatly going to depend on the infection(s) and the
damage that has been done.

  • Repair


  • Memory Resident Virus $22 + Antivirus
  • Overwriting Virus $36 + Antivirus
  • Direct Action Virus $15 + Antivirus
  • Boot Sector Virus $49 + Antivirus
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