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Computer Repair &  Maintenance

Desktop & Laptop Repairs

Finding the right place for computer repairs used to involve lots of tensions. Not anymore. Unitech Micro Systems has a better way. We can provide immediate doorstep service for any brand of computer like Mac®, Dell™, Sony®, P® and more.

So why wait to fix your computer problem? Call: 9849945671, 9849100880 and Get the computer repair service you need now!

The Onsite Computer Repair Service You Need

Unitech Micro Systems offers the best computer repair service. We can help you whenever you would like, any day of the year, with in Hyderbad and Secunderabad. This way, you don't need to invite strangers into your home and save your valuable time.

From Desktop Repairs to laptops, We Fix Just About Anything

A computer is great until something goes wrong—then it can turn into a nightmare. We understand. Stop the frustration now. We’re here to help you get the most out of your technology. No matter where you live in the twin cities, the computer repair service you need is Unitech Micro Systems.

After you call or chat with us, one of our Technology Experts will visit your place and run an extensive diagnostic checkup using our proprietary technology to find and fix your problem quickly. This includes:

  • Computer networking
  • Wireless networking
  • Sony Vaio®, Dell™ Inspiron™, Compaq Presario repairs
  • Desktop and laptop driver issues and updates
  • Printer driver issues and updates
  • Device connections
  • System restore
  • Disk recovery
  • System start-up problems
  • System memory problems
  • Advanced laptop and desktop repair
  • Malware removal (e.g., computer virus, spyware, adware)
  • Fixing slow computers
  • Optimizing laptops, desktops and netbooks
  • Software and application installation
  • Operating system issues (e.g., Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP)

Let remove virus from your PC

Step 01

Make an Appointment

Step 02

Receive The Device

Step 03

Repair Process

Step 04

Handover The Device

How much will it cost?

The cost to remove an infection is greatly going to depend on the infection(s) and the
damage that has been done.

  • Repair


  • Memory Resident Virus $22 + Antivirus
  • Overwriting Virus $36 + Antivirus
  • Direct Action Virus $15 + Antivirus
  • Boot Sector Virus $49 + Antivirus
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